Attorney General strongly hints at being on FBI side, but surprisingly stops short of saying so

The WSJ, which has seen an advance copy of a speech being made by Attorney General Loretta Lynch later today, says that while she strongly hints at being on the FBI’s side of the dispute, she will not directly say so. This somewhat surprising fact may reflect her audience – a cybersecurity conference whose delegates are likely to be on Apple’s side.

In her speech, Ms. Lynch won’t explicitly take on the encryption issue or Apple, but instead will promise continuing “frank dialogue and fruitful partnership” between the government and the industry on issues of cybersecurity.

Lynch’s remarks, though, do make it clear on which side her sympathies fall …


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Botvat Connected is the first robo-cleaner you can control with your Apple Watch

Let’s face it, a robot vacuum cleaner is fairly hi-tech, but these days we want more. Like the ability to start and stop cleaning cycles with our Apple Watch, and have it alert us the same way when it’s done.

Neato is the first robo-cleaner company to offer this facility with the latest update to the Botvac Connected …


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Facebook adds video support to photo-sharing app Moments, but w/o face-recognition

Facebook’s Moments app, launched last summer, makes it easier to share photos with your friends by using both location data and face-recognition to identify which friends were with you when the photos were taken. The latest version of the app now lets you include videos too – but it can’t yet recognize faces in those, so you’ll have to add them manually.


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Sony says Remote Play on Mac of PlayStation 4 games is coming “soon”

Sony told us back in November that it would be offering Remote Play on both Mac and PC, allowing PlayStation 4 owners to stream games to their Macs, but it didn’t give any clue as to when this would be available. It still hasn’t given a definite date, but today confirmed that it will be coming in the next major update, v3.50.


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House Judiciary Committee members may file legal brief to back Apple’s view that Congress should decide FBI case

Reuters reports that both Republican and Democratic party members of the House Judiciary Committee support Apple’s view that Congress, not the courts, should decide the FBI case – and plan to file a legal brief to say so. The committee is responsible for overseeing the administration of justice within federal courts, and most of its members have a legal background.

Members of the House Judiciary Committee are considering filing a “friend of the court” brief in Apple’s encryption dispute with the U.S. government to argue that the case should be decided by Congress and not the courts, five sources familiar with the matter said […]

They said the brief would come from individual committee members of both Republican and Democratic parties but not the judiciary committee itself. Reuters could not determine which members were likely to be included … 


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Latest iPhone 7 rumor suggests thinner 6-like body, flush camera, stereo speakers, thinner Lightning port

Corroborating a report from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from last September, Macotakara reports this evening that the iPhone 7 is expected to be 1mm thinner than the iPhone 6s. Furthermore, the report adds that the device will visually be similar to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, retaining the same metal design with the same height and width, and will not be waterproof.


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Husband of San Bernardino survivor says it’s ‘unlikely’ terrorist’s iPhone contains any valuable info

Throughout Apple’s fight with the FBI over unlocking an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino gunmen, many have doubted the likelihood that there’s anything valuable on the device to begin with. The iPhone 5c used by the gunman was issued by the County of San Bernardino, which gives iPhones to all of its employees. Now, the husband to a survivor of the fatal attacks has spoken out and written a letter, obtained by BuzzFeed, to the court explaining that there is likely nothing of note on the iPhone in question.


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GoPro acquires Replay and Splice video apps to bolster mobile editing

GoPro has been having a rough time as its stock price has stumbled over the last few months. Its signature action camera is a niche product and competitors are releasing cheaper clones that replicate most of the same functionality. Now, GoPro has acquired two mobile video apps to offer a complete capture and editing solution for its users.


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New York judge rules that the government can’t force Apple to unlock an iPhone

As Apple’s battle with the FBI drags on this week, a judge in New York has added a new wrinkle to the case. A magistrate judge in New York today has ruled that the government, using the All Writs Act, cannot force Apple to unlock an iPhone. This specific case this judge presides over is a drug trafficking investigation, which was mentioned last week as one of the more than a dozen other cases in which the government is asking Apple to help it obtain data from a locked iPhone.


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