Back to school gift guide: The best tech to ensure a successful school year

Back to school season is in full swing. Some students are already back in classrooms, while others are currently preparing for the big day. One crucial aspect of back to school shopping in this day and age is technology. No one wants to start the new year off with outdated and buggy gear.

For that reason, we’ve decided to roundup some of the best technology you can buy for the 2017-2018 school year.


What configuring the HomePod will look like on iOS 11 [Gallery]

[Update: Further discoveries point out that the Apple TV and Whole House Audio will use the same configuration method. Videos added at end of post.]

Continuing his deep-dive of the HomePod firmware, Guilherme Rambo has further uncovered what the initial HomePod configuration on an iOS 11 device may look like. The developer has spent the past few weeks digging through various firmware to give us a glimpse into Apple’s future products and software expected to be released later this year.

By utilizing the iOS Simulator, Rambo is able to show-off just what it will look like when configuring a HomePod right out of the box.